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Worship is our response to God’s love for us and, as Christians, it should be part of our whole life, not just something we do together at a service on a Sunday morning.

That is not to say that coming together to worship is not important. On the contrary, giving praise and thanks to God in song and prayer, making an offering of our time, talents and money and nurturing our faith by listening to God’s word are valuable and have their place, but it should not stop there. In our communal worship we have the opportunity to encourage each other on our Christian journeys and support each other to go out and worship God all day, every day during the week, whatever we are doing and wherever we find ourselves.

What is now being suggested is that we could also explore different ways of worshipping together by trying out some new things and by sharing our reactions and responses to what we have experienced in the service. This could be of great benefit to us all.

We already have a Worship Group, but we could widen its remit and pray that others will want to join it to enhance our communal worship, which will sustain us through the following week.

It would also be good to improve communication between the group and the wider congregation, including newcomers, so that everyone feels actively involved in the worship we share.


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