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This passage found, on the web, by one of our members several years ago summarises very well the the feelings of members of the group.


How generous God is that he has given me these few and special friends who are true friends of the heart. 


How he must love me that he has let us find each other upon this crowded earth.  We are drawn to each other as if by some mystical force.  We recognise each other at once.  We are sisters of the spirit who understand each other instinctively.


There is no blood between us, no common family history.  Yet there are no barriers of background, or even age.  Older, younger, richer, poorer - no matter.  We speak the same language, we have come together in a special moment in time, and the sense of union we feel will last through eternity.


March - Dec 2024

Mar 7th          Getting to Know You—Rev Sachin Awale


Mar 14th        Our Medicine Chest  - Jean Wales


Mar 21st        A talk by Livi Michael our local award winning author.     


Mar 28th        Women of Holy Week


Apr 4th          Games Afternoon


Apr 11th        My Art Work— Phil Hughes


Apr 18th        Celebrating Mountain Rescue’s 60th Anniversary


Apr 25th        Mystery Tour


May 2nd        Talk by Sharman Birtles - Vice Lord Lieutenant of                                         Greater  Manchester


May 9th         Dorothy Emerson—Athletics Yesterday and Today.


May 16th       Pentecost Craft


23rd May       The Wesleys


May 30th       Life in a Rural Pharmacy—Margaret Ulyatt


6th June        Something Treasured


13th June      Working for Action Together Oldham—Lucy Clarke


20th June      Games Afternoon


27th June      Strawberry Tea in memory of Jean Stanton

A Scarf for Lewy

In Autumn 2022 members of Thursday Friends organised the church's response to this project organised by the Lewy Body Society to raise awareness of Lewy Body Dementia.  Our 55metre long 'scarf' was joined to many others to make a scarf which was wrapped around the Royal Albert Hall five times.  An event which drew a lot of attention and made many more people aware of the disease.










Drawings by Ashley Bayston founder of the Lewy Body Society


This year's 'A Scarf for Lewy' event is being held on Thursday 17th October at the Methodist Central Hall in Manchester

Click here for more details



Above is the new display in the Coffee Lounge prepared by members of Thursday Friends to celebrate Pentecost.. The banner, made twenty seven years ago by members of Monday at Eight, shows the way we celebrate Pentecost in Saddleworth, on Whit Friday, with our processions of witness. The flames represent the tongues of fire which descended on the disciples as they received the Holy Spirit on the first Day of Pentecost. The phrase 'God is love' written in twenty different languages reminds us that the disciples were able to address the multinational crowd around them in such a way that each one could hear the message in their own language.

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