Monday at Eight meets on Monday evenings at 8pm in the Methodist Centre. The group is a gathering of ladies not just from our church family but also from the other churches and the local community. They meet together to enjoy a varied programme, undertake projects to support charities and for friendship and fun.
A programme of events is issued each Autumn, Winter, and Spring (the group doesn’t meet in July and August). All are welcome to come and join this friendly group. For further information email

Sadly, under the present circumstances, our meetings have stopped. 

We hope to revisit this programme at some later date.  Take care.


2nd Mar        An Evening with the new Community Safety Officer Paul McCann


  9th Mar       Reuben’s Retreat — illustrated talk by Community Fundraiser  Lindsay Smith


16th Mar       Remoska Oven Demonstration  -  Jean Wales


    23rd Mar   Origami Evening  


    30th Mar   ‘By Arrangement’ - an illustrated musical talk by Daniel Hicks 


      6th  Apr    An  Evening for Easter


    13th Apr     Easter Monday—No Meeting


    20th Apr      My year as Chair of Saddleworth Parish Council  - Cllr. Jamie Curley

      7th  Apr      A visit to Bright Futures School, Greenfield


      4th May     Canine Partners—an evening  with  two Partnership speakers and their  

                          assistance dogs.


    11th May    A film for ‘V.E. Day’


    18th May    Mercy Ships - illustrated talk by Janet Hiles


    25th May    Bank Holiday - No Meeting


       1st Jun     Whit Walks  -  Canon Jim Byrne


       8th Jun    AGM


    15th Jun    Party Night


Members of the group with a colour learning resorce they have made.

Amy and the headteacher with the teddy colour wall hanging in place.

A number of years ago a member of the group found the passage below.  We feel it decribes very well how we feel about the group.

Heartfelt Friends


How generous God is that he has given me these few and special friends who are true friends of the heart.


How he must love me that he has let us find each other upon this crowded earth.  We are drawn to each other as if by some mystical force.  We recognise each other at once.  We are sisters of the spirit who understand each other instinctively.


There is no blood between us, no common family history.  Yet there are no barriers of background, or even age.  Older, younger, richer, poorer - no matter.  We speak the same language, we have come together in a special moment in time, and the sense of union we feel will last through eternity.