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MWiB Vacant Roles


Please see the details below, and email for the contact details if you are interested.
District Treasurer
This position usually only takes a few hours a month and will start in September 2024. It consists of:
- receiving and banking money from the District and Circuits;
- receiving and banking money for the President's chosen charity;
- collecting and banking money from the 3 MWiB District Gatherings each year.

Also paying:
- donations to churches and speakers at our 3 MWiB Gatherings;
- money to the President's charity, donated for this purpose;
- donations to 'All We Can' and MWiB, amounts agreed at the District Gatherings.

The Treasurer will give a financial report at MWiB District Officers Meetings (on Zoom), usually 4 per year, and at our 3 MWiB Gatherings. 

Lastly, produce yearly accounts.
District Vice President / President
You will be joining a friendly and supportive team who have all been District Vice Presidents and Presidents of MWiB previously. Initially your role as Vice President will be to shadow and support the President with the guidance of the team. After one year in this role you will become President for two years, with the continuing support of your Vice President and team of MWiB Officers, followed by a further year as Vice President, making it altogether a 4-year role. 

The job description of MWiB District President is as follows:
 - lead the team in organising three MWiB District Gatherings a year;
- promote the aims and activities of MWiB in the Manchester and Stockport area;
- oversee a Newsletter which will be circulated throughout the churches/circuits in the District;
- chair business meetings on Zoom and at the Gatherings.

The President is also invited to sponsor a charity of her choice. To support this charity she can invite speakers from it to the MWiB Gatherings and raise further funds by visiting church groups in the District, informing them about her chosen charity.
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