Tuesday Tots

Tuesday Tots is a group for parents and carers with their babies and toddlers. It is a shared initiative with volunteers from Uppermill Methodists and St Chad's. The group meets from 10 - 11.30 on Tuesday mornings.
After a trial opening for four weeks in 2021 we are looking to reopen after the current covid wave has subsided. Up to date information will be on the Facebook page. 
We ask for a donation of £4 per adult, payable at the door. No more than 2 children per adult please. 
To ensure a place, please message us via our Facebook page.

Please read the guidelines set out below to ensure that the group is as covid-safe as possible. We ask for your co-operation in adhering to them - we need to do all we can to help stop the spread of all infections and protect all involved.

Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air

Please wash/sanitise hands frequently and maintain social distancing where possible.

The room will be ventilated.

Wearing face masks is acceptable, and particularly encouraged for singing activities.



No queues at the refreshment counter please - two people at a time.

Hot and cold drinks will be served by volunteers.

Please bring your own food refreshments, and a cup for your child.

Please ensure your child doesn't leave food or drinks lying around, for other children to consume.

Bins are provided for food waste.


Toys will have been sanitised.

Please wipe toys when your child has finished playing and return them to the storage boxes - sanitising wipes are provided.

Avoid toy sharing where possible.

Please help us to wipe over and return toys to storage at the end of the session.

Toilet and baby change

After use, please use the wipes provided to clean all surfaces touched.

Parents / carers are responsible for their children at all times - please ensure that no child leaves the room unaccompanied.