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Many individuals and some groups within the Church Family are involved, in a variety of ways, in serving the local community — and beyond. As a Church Family we should be supporting these people by encouragement and prayer.

There are many possibilities to explore where the Church as a whole could take ownership, eg: by

  • Relating to the groups that use our premises by assigning ‘buddies’, members of the Church Family, to each group.

  • Starting activities relevant to the 40-60’s age group which has been identified as being significant in the area — such as a walking group, games night, ‘relaxed‘ evening support for carers, meetings on topics relevant to parents of teenagers, courses on preparation for retirement.

  • Recruiting a group of members to meet a need in the wider community, whether temporarily or for the longer term.

  • Raising awareness of the Charities we support through our Project Fund.

  • Developing ways of promoting awareness and discussion of relevant ‘Big Issues’, such as Climate Change and Social Justice, in a Christian context.

  • Working with other churches in the village and through CTIS to serve the community and beyond.


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