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Learning & Caring

Nurturing our faith is important if we are to develop as Christians, but we don’t all benefit from the same style of learning. So it can be important to find different ways of coming together to explore the Bible and the ‘Big Questions’ we face, whether by meeting with each other or by using modern technology,

We perhaps need to develop a variety of choices so that we can all find what we believe will suit our needs.

The ‘Caring’ aspect of our Church Family already has many different facets:

  • Making newcomers welcome and helping them to settle in.

  • Giving help to those of us who need it.

  • Our Ministry of Flowers.

  • Engaging with the Local Community.

  • Promoting/supporting our Project Fund.

  • Our pastoral system.

  • ……… and many others.

But there may be more we could do, eg:

  • New ways of praying together, including the use of Social Media.

  • A structured programme for welcoming newcomers and nurturing them.

  • Better methods of communication.

These are areas we need to explore further.

And, of course, our Prayer life, as a church and as individuals, should be underpinning all of it.


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