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Prayer for Pentecost


Lord of Justice, send your Holy Spirit as a fire to those men and women in positions of leadership and authority, at national level, locally, in industry, commerce and education.  May their hearts burn with a passion to rule fairly and to make wise decisions for the benefit of all they serve.


Lord of Peace, send your Holy Spirit as a dove to the places throughout the world where there is conflict, between nations, between races, between cultures, between communities and between employer and employee. May its presence in these situations, recognised or unrecognised, influence the hearts and minds of those involved, to restore peace and harmony.


Lord of Unity and Concord, send your Holy Spirit as a wind to your church.  May it breathe new life into Christian people everywhere to encourage them to work together to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to show your love to our broken world.

Lord of Love and Compassion send your Holy Spirit as a Comforter to those in need.   May each one feel the healing touch of your Spirit and know that you are alongside them. Amen


 Worship during July 2019

C Aid 2.jpg

On Saturday April 28th a group of eight of us successfully completed the “Circle the City” sponsored walk in Manchester for Christian Aid.

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Circle the City

Rev Gary Ridley's
for the Summer

Every month our minister, Rev Gary Ridley, writes his monthly letter to all, where he encourages us to take a step back and focus on the principles of our faith?  Every letter is archived and can be accessed through the links below or by going to are archive page here.

Click the arrow to go directly to this month's newletter from our minister, Rev.Gary Ridley.


            5th   June               Church Funds

          12th   June               Alzheimer's Society

          19th   June                tbc

          26th   June                tbc





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