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Pause for Prayer for Uppermill Methodist Church

Share with us and God, your prayers, your thoughts and your reflections for and about UMC.

Last April, Uppermill Methodist Church was facing the future with no Minister. We, as a church, came together on 23rd April 2016 in an innovative and previously untried day of 'Pause for Prayer for UMC'.
Many came to church to pray for UMC in the Parlour. Some used the Internet to be involved and to offer prayers and reflection through the written word. Some watched the process and were with us in their thoughts.
To our delight, our new Minister, Rev Gary Ridley, came to us in the 11th hour of the stationing procedure, he brings with him new beginnings, focus and a worshipful future.
"Gary's words of encouragement here -
ref the church council meeting etc"
In preparation for the Church Council Meeting in November, the time has come again to Pause for Prayer for UMC. Let us come together to pray - in person at church, online here through the UMC Pause for Prayer forum, or via email to
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