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Emergency Deliveries for People in Need
Oldham Council, Foodbank and Action Together are working to coordinate the delivery of emergency food and other essential personal and household basic items to people in need.  This is for people who are unable to leave the house and don't have a trusted friend, neighbour or family member to help them.  This can be for someone of any age.
Hotline:  0161 770 7007
This new hotline is available for people to call for help.  It will be open from 9am - 5pm on weekdays and 11am - 2pm at weekends.
After calling the helpline they aim to get back to people in 24 hours and a package will be coordinated in the following days.  This will be a basic package of food and other essentials such as sanitary products and basic toiletries.  The delivery of prescription medicines will be handled separately by local pharmacies who will be contacting people on GP lists.
For people in a genuine emergency
This arrangement is for people in the local community who are genuinely in emergency need because they are self-isolating and don't have any friends or neighbours who can support them or are unable to leave the house to shop for these items.  People are being asked to use this resource responsibly so that it doesn't become overwhelmed and can provide help for those who need it most.
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