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Stationing is a complex process by which the Methodist Church matches Ministers with appropriate Circuits and Churches when they are moving from one appointment to another.


It takes place over three stages. UMC was not matched in the first stage.  The second stage takes place on November 30th and December 1st.


Please pray with us during this important time for Uppermill Methodist Church.

Prayer for 30th Nov & 1st Dec
Dear Lord, may the members of the Stationing Committee meeting in London today be mindful of your presence with them.  Give each one the wisdom and insight for their task of matching Ministers and Circuits according to your will so that your kingdom will flourish and grow across our land.  AMEN

Prayer for the Matching Process 2nd & 3rd Dec
Father God, be alongside the Ministers and Circuit Stewards as they receive the decisions made by the Stationing Committee.  May they hear them with open hearts and minds and, as they arrange to meet, look forward in hope and anticipation of being able to work together in your service. AMEN    

Prayer for 5th & 6th Dec
Dear Lord, may your presence be felt strongly during the visits by Ministers to Circuits this weekend.  May all involved seek your guidance as they explore the potential of making and accepting an invitation to minister in a new Circuit. AMEN

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