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Village Olympics Tradition saved by UMC

For many years the children who compete in the Saddleworth Village Olympics have been led out by a representative from each village behind a generic banner.

Unfortunately last year the banner was lost and the procession had to march without its traditional flagbearers.  At the request of Adrian Green, who is co-chairman of the organising committee for the village Olympics, the Monday at Eight club and in particular Sylvia White and Violet Robertson have come to the rescue.  

Armed with only a poor quality photograph of the flag, several yards of material, some sticky back plastic and a wealth of talent, the ladies have produced an amazing replica.  The flag will be “presented” to the Olympics team in church on Sunday 7th August and we need as many of the children in the congregation who also compete in the Olympics to pose (ideally with their Olympics T-Shirts on) for a photograph to mark the occasion.  If you are intending to come to church that Sunday, please could you bring your t-shirts with you and your best smiles.  

If you have any further queries then please contact Adrian on

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