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Quizzing for Charity
Our charity quizzes provide a way for families and friends across the country (and beyond) to get together online, while raising money for important causes which are currently experiencing difficulties in raising funds at a time when the need is at least as great as usual.
These are team events: so gather a group from up to 4 households to be on your team.  After we have all "assembled" for the quiz, each team will be put into its own breakout room (don't worry, you don't need to do anything to make this happen) so that you can chat and confer.
We use Zoom: every registered team member will be sent a link to participate (this link will also include details of how to give, if you are able to).  If you haven't used Zoom before don't worry - when you click on the link it will prompt you through what you need to do.
The quiz is in two parts: there will be a break halfway through, when everyone will be returned to the main group, and we can find out how we are doing so far.
It is easy to join in: you need to email and say who you wish to be on a team with.  Your team will also need to designate who is the team captain.  The team captain will receive the quiz questions, which they will need to share with the rest of their team.
Don't forget to register: we can accept new participants up until lunchtime on the day of the quiz.
My family/friends aren't interested in quizzing but I am: that's fine, just register to take part at and we can sort out a team for you.
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