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The roofing repairs to the Methodist Centre building have recently been completed and the exterior wall to Church Road sprayed with waterproofing. 


Church AV Systems:

A new AV system for the church has been considered and a final decision is anticipated, with delivery later in the year.



Storage continues to be a challenge throughout the church. Currently attention is focused on chair storage within the Upper Hall store room to clear access to the lift exit.


Room Rental Rates:

Following long deliberation, assessment of building maintenance costs, and market prices; UMC have had to increase room rental fees slightly across the board.


Front Doors:

The church has had new front doors fitted. What colour to paint them is to be agreed.


Proposed Crèche Area:

Quotes are to be obtained for providing the crèche area withinn the church.


Spring Work Day:

Sign up to a UMC Spring work day which will be shortly before Easter.

What we are doing to our building

Although the Uppermill Methodist Church building is owned by Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, the building is managed by members of the UMC Church Council as Managing Trustees, and maintained by the Uppermill Methodist Church Property Committee.

Below are some of the more recent actions that have been agreed:
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