The first of a series of monthly meetings was held last week between John Wareham from ‘Transforming Churches and Communities’ (TCC) and a cross section of church representatives. The group involved in this series of meetings consists of Rev Gary Ridley, Debbie Ridley, Thirza Dixon, Roz Comer, Dorothy Roberts, Eileen Arthur, Kathryn Heathcote, Roger Gould and Adrian Green.

The main part of the meeting focused on discussion around worship at UMC as it relates to our Mission and Ministry. The meeting was asked to consider 6 specific worship related questions with reference to how they apply to worship at Uppermill Methodist Church. 

As the review process progresses John Wareham will be consulting with the congregation to determine whether they agree with the conclusions reached during this and subsequent meetings as a way of ‘testing’ the accuracy of these conclusions. 

Future meetings will follow a similar approach focusing on different aspects of the church’s Mission and Ministry. In addition to information gained through these meetings and his consultations, John will be requesting a wide range of documents, records and policies which underpin our church governance. All of the information gathered will be used to develop a report and action plan. 

The whole process will take 12-18 months.

The Future at UMC

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